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    [Guide] to Radiance MS


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    [Guide] to Radiance MS

    Post  Nynnja808 on Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:54 pm

    Im leaving Radiance MS
    Have fun!

    No Hacking, Exploiting of Glitches or bugs.
    Do not spam things with smegas or in any chat.
    Do not advertise for other servers.
    Please no racist comments that are offensive to people. (the most I hear are asian comments, and im asian btw...)
    Stay away from really vulgar language.
    Do not beg for things.

    PVP Rules: coming soon, waiting for adrian. *CH 4 is PVP*

    Basic Commands

    @reborn / @rebirth - Rebirth yourself! Resets level to 1
    @go - go many places!
    @cody - job advance!
    @perry / @fmnpc - This NPC has everything! Do many things, teleport, cloudfarm, super rebirth, etc
    @(stat) (Number) - Faster than pressing a button every +1 stat. Just type in and add stats faster! without ()
    @revive - revives a player for 50 mil mesos
    @checkstats - check your stats!
    @top - check the top players of RMS!
    @getpoints1 / @getpoints - get your vote points!
    @votepoints - see how much vote points you have!
    @dispose - unstuck!


    Are you a GM?
    No the GMs are Doseon, Notorious, Alluring, Bryson and Genn? Adrian, Jun, and Blue are GM's..

    I want event plox!!1!!1 Make?
    No there are no GM's on or they are AFK.

    I voted, but why didn't recieve my vote points?
    You have to type @getpoints for Gtop and @getpoints1 for ultimate top in game. You can also use @votepoints to see how much you have!

    How do I get mounts and chairs?
    You get them from voting or using our custom gachapon! Get tickets from voting, events, and cloud farm!

    How do I get clouds and coins, and what are they?
    They are our "Currencies". and you obtain them by going @go cloud, and for coins, doing our JQ (Zak and Kerning)

    How do I level?
    You can level in our FM. Rooms 1-6 has summoners that can summon bosses, and the rest have a variety of monsters that you can train on aswell.

    I see a hacker, what do I do?
    Screen Shot it, or tell an online GM immediately!!!

    How do I get GM and Chaos scrolls?
    You get them from voting, winning events, doing our custom Party Quests, Ludibrium & Kerning.

    How do I get rare NX?
    Win Item of Choice events, buy them, donate.

    Whos the owner of this server?
    Doseon <33333

    Where do I get summoning rocks?

    *Where do I get mesos?
    FM 18 has monsters that give lots of mesos!

    What is a SRB (Suber Rebirth Item)
    It is an item with 32000 all stats, you obtain it when you talk with Mr. Moneybags (@fmnpc > Super Rebirth!). It removes all your 32000 AP, but you can obtain more by leveling.

    What is an MSI?
    An MSI is a max stat item, not only does it have str, dex, int, and luk. It also has WA/MA (Weapon/magic attack), avoid, accuracy, and so forth.

    What is a JQ?
    Its a jump quest, like a maze, or obstacle course.

    Basic Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Lol : Laugh out loud
    Rofl : Rolling on the floor laughing.
    Lmao/Lmfao : Laughing my (fucking) ass off.
    Roflmao/Roflmfao : Rolling on the floor laughing my (fucking) ass off.
    PQ : Party Quest
    HT : Horntail
    Zak : Zakum
    OMG : Oh My God
    SS : Screen Shot
    Ch : Channel
    FM : Free Market
    WTF : What the fuck
    GS : Gold Sack (mesos)
    SRB : Super Rebirth Item
    MSI : Max Stat Item
    NX : Items obtained from the cash shop.

    Im noob can you rebirth me alot?!
    Maybe, it depends. FFS

    How do you get UFJ and colory text ! :O
    You become GM or Donate

    Are You GM?
    No. I is Donar

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    Re: [Guide] to Radiance MS

    Post  Lyrical on Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:01 pm

    You should add:
    "I voted, but why didn't I get my votepoints? Be sure to type @getpoints or @getpoints1 in game to receive them. "

    I hear a lot of people ask that.

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    Re: [Guide] to Radiance MS

    Post  Nynnja808 on Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:03 pm

    wow that was fast! added
    ty<3, anymore? well im gonna go

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    Re: [Guide] to Radiance MS

    Post  Annie on Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:27 pm

    aww this is so helpful <3 nice job little guy ^_^

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    Re: [Guide] to Radiance MS

    Post  Adrian on Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:31 pm

    'Zomg, Are you a GM?'
    ' Nope, Notorius, Genn, Alluring, that Noob Doseon, and Bryson. '

    ' Do An Event! Very Happy '
    ' Well There Are No GM's on or they are to Lazy? '

    Also @banme for those who want to Click it Smile

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    Re: [Guide] to Radiance MS

    Post  Notorious on Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:30 pm

    Lol ^ But anyway. Lately a few busy with homework, or just other games*cough. Good job on this =) Gibs gach tix~ i mean cookies~

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    Re: [Guide] to Radiance MS

    Post  iPoke on Sat Feb 06, 2010 12:26 am

    RAWR lol

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    Re: [Guide] to Radiance MS

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