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    [Guide] How to Donate to RadianceMS with a Visa Gift Card


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    [Guide] How to Donate to RadianceMS with a Visa Gift Card

    Post  Adrian on Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:51 am

    How to Donate to RadianceMS with a Visa Gift Car
    Hey everyone, just thought I should share my experience with you guys on donating to RadianceMS. This is for those people who do not have a credit card to use (or don't feel safe using it online) and would like to donate.

    What is a Visa Gift Card?

    Prepaid Gift Cards are pretty much like any gift card, except it works as a "credit card" online. This means, you can use it to buy things online like at Amazon, Ebay, PayPal, etc. without having to have a real credit card. Most of these cards come in values of $25, 50, or 100 USD.

    How To Use

    1: Buying your prepaid gift card
    You can buy these cards at most supermarkets or gas stations, etc. If you do not know where you should go, check a gift card website and search for the nearest vender in your area.

    Visa Gift cards, usually take around 24 hours to activate, unless you buy the new V-CARD which produces instant miracles online, instantly usable, for Australians, the Superman visa gift card tends to work better than the one with the red present box icon on the card. You could also get MOL Freedom, which is a PREPAID MasterCard from 7/11

    V-Card are Virtual Cards, they only give a number, A CVV & an expiry date.

    When you leave the store to buy the card, you will have to pay an activation fee of about $5.95~

    2: Using the card online
    To use the card online, you'll have to register it online. On the box/cardboard thing that your card came in, there should be a website where you can register your card. Go to that website.

    The login should ask for your card number and a 3 digit security code that can be found on the back of the card.

    Now, it'll ask you to type in some information: name, address, phone number. These information fields are important, so remember or write down everything that you type in here (you will need it for later).

    Name: Doesn't matter what you name yourself. Just remember your name or write it down.

    Address: Must be a real address and the zipcode must match the address. You can use any address as long as it's real.

    Phone number: This one I'm not sure if it has to be real. I used a real phone number just to make sure. But don't forget the number you put down.

    Email Address: Use your own.

    Now you should be directed to a page that has your balance. You can log in to this page from now on to check your balance and see how transactions are going.

    3: Verifying the card through PayPal
    Next thing you have to do before you can donate is to verify it through PayPal. Just go through the server donation process. At the end, you should get a message saying PayPal will verify your account before making transactions.

    To donate to the server, follow these steps:
    (1) Click on the donate button on the site or send it to lancelance-@hotmail.com
    (2) Type in your donation amount into the box and click "update total"
    (3) Type in your information in. The information you type here must be exactly identical to the information you used to register your card. Paypal will use this information to verify that you are the cardholder.
    (4) Since this is probably the first time you're using your prepaid gift card on PayPal, you'll get an error message saying that PayPal needs to verify your card before performing the transaction. The next step will shed some more info about that.

    4: Verification Process
    If you've done the above steps, you can go back to the prepaid gift card website and check your balance. There should be a $1 pending charge from PayPal to your account. Don't worry about this, it's just temporary and will not be charged.

    Verification takes about 24 hours to finish. Until this time is complete, there will be this $1 charge on your account. Once the verification is complete, the $1 charge will change from "Pending" transaction to "Posted" transaction, and you will have your full balance back.

    5: Donating through PayPal
    Once you have your balance back, donate again through paypal using step 3. This time, you will not get an error at the end. You will receive a confirmation number and a receipt in your email of the donation.

    Credit's to Kevin-kun
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    Re: [Guide] How to Donate to RadianceMS with a Visa Gift Card

    Post  Lyrical on Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:57 am

    Quite useful.
    Hopefully I'll donate someday. :]

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    Re: [Guide] How to Donate to RadianceMS with a Visa Gift Card

    Post  Nynnja808 on Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:23 am

    nice work !

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    Re: [Guide] How to Donate to RadianceMS with a Visa Gift Card

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