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    xD a prank and got banned

    LV 1 LOL
    LV 1 LOL

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    xD a prank and got banned

    Post  johnleWMS on Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:00 am

    U no how there's this hacker that's been d/cing us?
    w/e so i was bored and made a character name IMBAKKKNIBS<<or wuteva
    and sooooo i was like just jumping around and saying :
    I want to b a gm
    blah blah blah"
    and like wen i was about to say it was a prank the sec i was about to hit enter i got banned lol
    and sooo here i am, in the forums begging to be unbanned ;d
    Ign: Shimmy
    let me no as soon as posible wen ill be unbanned
    it was an ip ban

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