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    Tut on Custom WZ


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    Tut on Custom WZ

    Post  Adrian on Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:26 pm

    Okay, First of All, I will take you Step by Step with Picture on how to get the Custom WZ to work. The Custom WZ contain Custom Mount's, Chair's, and Hair's from Other Version's/Type's of MapleStory. If you do not download it, do not complain when you Epicly DC. The only way you could acquire these special thing's would be the Customized Kerning Party Quest Un-Confirmed ATM. But you could get the hair by doing @kin (If your a boy) or @nimakin(If your a girl).

    Thing's You Will Need :
    A File of v62 MapleStory
    Client for RadianceMS

    multiupload.com M8IKLSXBAX
    multiupload.com JFE19HYj2Z

    Step 1> First you must Choose Patcher or the Replacement.

    Step 2> Go to the MultiUpload and choose a Download Site.
    2.1> Download the File
    2.1.1> Some Site's Might Not allow anymore downloads, because they have certain amount of slots.
    You must also wait in some, If you are not a Member.
    2.1.2> You must have WinRar to extract these file's. [x]

    Step 3> Wait Patient as The Download might take long depending on your Computer/Connection.

    Step 4> When Finished, Extract the File's into your Desktop or Anywhere you can locate it.

    Step 5> Click on the RadianceMS Patcher, and when it open's up, Click Next.

    Step 5.1> Choose A Directory, Your v62 Folder, I Advise you to make Copy's of that folder, because something might go wrong.

    Step 5.2> Then Click Next, Than Start, It will be updating your Folder.
    Step 5.3> When Finished, It should look like This.

    Step 6> Get On And Have Fun!~ ^-^


    It is basically the same thing as above, But this one could mest up when you extract, But it simpler nd easier.

    Step 1> Pick a DownLoad Site you would like to you.

    Step 1.1> As I am typing this MegaUpload and RapidShare are unavailable at the moment.
    Step 1.2> You must have WinRar to extract these file's. [x]

    Step 2> Wait Patient as The Download might take long depending on your Computer/Connection.

    Step 3> When finished a Box should Pop up with the file's, Highlist those File's and Click Extract To, and look for you MapleStory v62 Folder.

    Step 3.1> Make Sure You Make A Copy If Anything Goes Wrong
    Step 3.2> Replace all Old File's if it ask's you to.

    Step 4> Get on and Have Fun! ^-^

    Q&A :

    Q= Which Download do I choose?
    A= The First one is a replacement if you already have diffrent Custom WZ.
    The second one is a patcher in which you use if you have Clean File's.
    You could use either one, It has been Tested for Both to Work Either Way.
    Q= Where Can I Download them Separately without WinRar?

    I have seperated the files for you without WinRar cause SOME people have trouble with winrar or something.

    Character.wz - multiupload.com U9E8D5PYL8
    Item.wz - multiupload.com CGP6NM6ED9
    String.wz - multiupload.com OXJG600ULQ

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    Re: Tut on Custom WZ

    Post  iWinTheGame on Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:11 pm

    Nice Pic Guide Man I didn't get so detailed Lol. But I did Replacement Very Happy

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    Re: Tut on Custom WZ

    Post  Annie on Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:39 pm

    Wow Adrian this is really good , but its funny because when I do stuff like this mine looks so differnt compared to your's oh well you could still tell what your trying to say. Nice job Smile

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    Re: Tut on Custom WZ

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