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    Tut on how to extract your wizet's into your maplestory v62 folder.


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    Tut on how to extract your wizet's into your maplestory v62 folder.

    Post  iPoke on Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:53 pm

    Please follow the insctructions one by one.
    FirstStep ) Go here, http://depositfiles.com/en/files/x9nsx9n50
    It should look like THIS

    SecondStep ) Click Free Downloading OR Gold downloading if you have an account.
    [no picture]

    ThirdStep ) Wait about 60 seconds and click Download File.
    Here is the waiting 60 seconds.
    Here is the downloading button.

    FouthStep ) Find your download and RIGHT CLICK the file and click Extract Files... . Then find where YOUR MapleStory RadianceMS folder and click OK.
    IT should pop up this window.

    FifthStep ) You should see it start extracting to your RadianceMS folder. But before it extracts, it asks yes/no/yestoall/notoall crap. Click Yes To All.

    Conclusion : Your now done with the Wizet files. If you have technical difficulties, Please redownloading your Maplestory folder + Wizet files.
    Now run the game and your Good to Go [;

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