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    GM Applications

    Post  Doseon on Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:56 am

    We are now accepting GM applications, now rather being active, you have a better chance of being picked if you can do other stuff as well. Such as code, GFX, Site coding/php, etc etc. The server is dead now and whoever has expierenced other servers and knows how to get this server more known and more players would be a good one Smile

    We would want formats such as

    Name : Doseon

    Age : 15

    Ign : Doseon

    Play Time (How much you could play) : Ehh... Too much

    Timezone : PST

    What you can bring to the server : Iono.. goods?

    Why we should choose you : Cause I own the server.

    Yes, the example is horrible, do not copy it Sad

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