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    Life's GM Application.


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    Life's GM Application.

    Post  Life on Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:56 pm

    IGN: Life

    Real Name: Matt Weston

    Age: 17

    Time Zone: (GMT-05:00)

    Tell us a bit about Yourself: My name is Matt Weston, and I live in Canada. I am 17 years of age and love too play basketball. I'm a very nice person and when im on Duty as a GM I could bee strict at times. I know when or when the time is right too adjust my attitude depending on the players i talk too. I make sure every player I speak too understands me well, and is satisfied in any way. I have been playing Maplestory for about 3 years and know alot about it.

    GM Experience: I have been a GM on over several servers. StolenMS(HappyMS), NirohMS, DrakoMS, LightMS and Lastly B12MS.
    I have alot of Experience in GMing and the reason's why i left these servers are. I left StolenMS because the server was diying and the RAM was't enough too support many players. I left DrakoMS because the owner Deagen had issues with codings at the time and I didn't have the time too be in a server that required too much needs. LightMS because the Owner wasn't active and Lastly B12MS after I saw this Server, played it and actually loved and wanted too be apart of it. My GM assistant who I work with in Every server I'm a GM on "Jenn" Have special ways of catching Hackers, and "Bad" People in the server. The way we work as Staff Members is incredible. We study the players, make different characters and trick players into getting the information we need inorder too keep server's clean from Hackers and other. "Jenn" will be applying for a GM Application right after mine.

    How could I advertise the server: Personally I know alot of people who advertise server's for me and "Vote" for example GTOP100, for me every 12 or 24 hours. I have many friends on MSN and Facebook, who don't mind voting specific server's I play on. Also Me and Jenn go too many server's and talk too some of the players and get them too join our server in a nice welcoming way and not the brag type. Me and Jenn do things Legit and with us in this server there will be more players, more votes, and Less hackers. Also a cleaner Community.

    The way i work (Jenn and I): The way me and my assistant GM, "Jenn" work as I mentioned in my GM Experience. Basically we work as a Team, Main part of our work ethics are Making random accounts and speaking too certain people by getting the information I want too Ban them on either them or their friend. Hackers ect. Every person me and Jenn Ban we always take SS of the Conversations, Actual evidence from a Hack or just SS In general during the process of our workings, Just too show what we've done and are currently doing. The SS will always be revealed too the Admin as of why we banned the player. Me and Jenn catch averagely 10 Bans a day, which is really good, because it keeps the server clean from Hackers, and most of those Banned players are always Hackers.

    If i saw a Hacker: If i saw a hacker I would go in GM Hide, and Jenn wasn't online too SS it with me for double the proof, I would take SS as the person is hacking, gradually gain enough evidence too attack "Ban", but before I would do so. I would gain enough evidence And most of the time, I would come out of Hide, and personally speak too the Hacker and ask why he is doing so. And do my best too get the hacks, and send them too the Admin if a Patch could be done. If not i know Coders who could help. My Activity Hours are 8-10 Hours a Day.

    Thanks, alot if you spend your time Reading my GM Appeal and I hope you enjoyed it
    Also I would be really happy if I got Accepted.

    Sincerely, Matt Weston.

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