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    Jenn's GM Application.


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    Jenn's GM Application.

    Post  Jenn on Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:58 pm

    GN: Jenn

    Age: 16

    Time Zone: GMT-02:00

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm 16 years of age, and I live in America. Florida too be exact. My hobbies are collecting pennies and my favourite sport is Soccer. Now let's talk about Maplestory. Maplestory's my favourite game and I've been playing for about 2 years or more if i'm incorrect. I love the GM role, since I play it very well and is very experienced at it. Did I not mention my GMing partner Life, I'm pretty sure he talked about us and how we work together as GM's in his Appeal.

    GM Experience:
    My GMing Experience has been in a couple server's because I mostly' ran my own and never had time too join others, which is how i met Life. I've been a GM on ToyStoryMS, ChocolateMS, and UniqueMS. I left them because of personal reasons, which mostly had too do financially. I have alot of Experience with Life, and Isn't fun working without him when he's not online. Basically he's my GM partner and together we advertise, and Ban alot of Hackers.

    How can you advertise the server: Advertising server's is also something me and Life are good at because we go too many server's especially chat rooms, and privately talk too them luring them too this server and explaining how good it is. It isn't bad when you know what your doing, and you do it right. Also i have freinds In real life who love Maplestory and i just send them clients, and they play. Also mentioning, I have 6 computers in my house and vote for certain servers with 6 Different IP adresses, as well as my MSN freinds. Which is alot of votings.

    How I work: How me and Life work as GM's are impeccable. We're like a team and are always, Always working. Never really get time too speak too players because we're always trying too making the community clean of Hackers. A big key of how we work are, studying the players. Not too mention, studying players if what we're really good at, And it's also a skill Many GM's dont have or just Don't know how too properly. We basically watch the players alot and if one player has been reported alot, we study them, see how they get their mesos, How their doing that kind of damage, How they got the $ too buy that. Ect. Also another main part about me and Life's worth ethics are .. We make many mules and trick certain players into getting us the information needed too ban them. Without them even knowing, of course. That's the best part. Also we Never, Ever Ban someone without getting Many Screen shots too back up our reason of why we banned. Most of the time their sent too the Owner of the server, right after banning has been occured. We always show them in The hacker's Ban appeal, which shut's them up. With me and Life being GM's for this server the community will be Very clean, Practically No hackers, since we ban usually 10 a day depending on the server, and Fun. Because we could get Fun at times.
    And we're strict when it's needed. Also personally im a very nice GM, and player tend too like me Alot. If the server is in ever need of $ I have friends on MSN who don't Mind donating too help out certain server's. If me and Life get accepted as GM's this server is of course a Donate Acception. But ONLY If the server Urgently needs $.

    If I saw a Hacker: I would GM Hide, Take many Screenshots, Determine if it's a hack or not, I'm very good at because I watch video's on hacking which helps me catch players and block them from hacking. Try too get their hacks, which Me and Life do in the game when we go on our mules, Send them too the Admin, and hopefully they get patched.

    If me and Life get accepted as GM's this server will be clean from Hackers, and will be a very clean community.
    Also we're good at hosting Fun events if i never mentioned that. Also, I'm active for about 10 hours a da

    I'm hope you enjoyed reading my post, and I also hope i get accepted.

    Honourly, Jenn.

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