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    Moldovan constitutional referendum, 2010


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    Moldovan constitutional referendum, 2010

    Post  taixyz1992 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:09 am

    The Moldovan referendum of 2010 was a nationwide referendum in Moldova held on 5 September on whether or not the country should amend the Constitution of Moldova to return to direct popular election of the president instead of 3/5 of total number of seats parliament vote as it is now.[1] and resulted in failure due to an insufficient turnout: 30.29% as opposed to the necessary 33% for the referendum to be considered valid.[2]

    The voters are asked to answer the following question "Would you agree with the Constitutional amendment, which would allow the election of the President of the Republic of Moldova by the entire population?", voting for one of the proposed options: “Yes (for)” or “No (against)”. Of those who had cast their vote, 87.83% chose "Yes".[

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