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    Romanian football champions


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    Romanian football champions

    Post  taixyz1992 on Sat Dec 18, 2010 4:00 pm

    The Romanian football champions are the winners of Liga I, Romania's premier annual association football league competition. The title has been contested since 1909 in varying forms of competition. While CFR Cluj are the current champions, Steaua Bucureşti has won a record 23 championship titles making it the most prolific team in the Liga I.[1] After Steaua the most succesfull team in the league is Dinamo Bucureşti who has won 18 championship titles. The biggest rivalry in the Romanian football championship also known as the Eternal Derby, is between Steaua Bucureşti and Dinamo Bucureşti, and between them, Steaua and Dinamo have won the Romanian football championship 41 times out of 92 completed seasons. Venus Bucureşti was the most prolific team during the early editions, winning eight trophies before it was dissolved in 1949.[2] Since its beginnings in 1909 all the way to its most recent edition which ended in 2010 the league was won by 22 teams representing 11 cities, with nearly two-thirds of all editions, 59 titles, being won by teams from the capital Bucharest. The 2007–08 champions CFR Cluj were the first team outside Bucharest to win the championship in 16 years.

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