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    Ryan's Application


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    Ryan's Application

    Post  OwlCity on Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:59 am

    Name : Ryan

    Age : 13 (Young )Smile

    Ign : OwlCityRyans ( I have been told there was another user with owl city in there name by brandon and i am in no way that player.)

    Play Time (How much you could play) : Well Im in school from 8-3:00 i can play from 3:00pm-8:00pm so 5 hours taking breaks to clean, eat do homework (witch i usually do at 8:00 ) and on saturday im available during the morning when i wake up 10-2 and after ive done something for day 6/8pm-1:00am but not on sunday cause i have school.Friday is from 3:00pm till 4/5:00pm then after at 10:pm - 12pm Altho in detail these times do change depending on what im doing etc etc.

    Timezone : Est (Eastern Standard)

    What you can bring to the server : Well I do know alot of people who look for a good pserver to play every once and a while i do and can make video such as promotionals and mmv's that i can post on many of forums that may boost our popularity i do not know much at the moment but if i need to i will be able to learn to code,GFX or w.e else there is but it is not a skill i posses at the moment.

    Why we should choose you : I believe i would be able to take care of hackers and people who generally break the rules im fair and will not just ban people for being in a pissy mood i get along well with people and socialise as you may have noticed im not the greatest speller... But i have been learning french for 7 years.
    I do speak Proper english and french tho, but i believe i would be a great social , popularity increasing and technical (if needed) advance and member to the server : )

    Contact Information - RyansLul@hotmail.com(where i check most of my messages) or Ryan_rules_u_suck2@hotmail.com witch is a msn account where you will be able to chat onlinne with me

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